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Arkbird 5.8GHz Mini Auto Antenna Tracker (AAT)

Arkbird 5.8GHz Mini Auto Antenna Tracker (AAT) Arkbird 5.8GHz Mini Auto Antenna Tracker (AAT)
Product name:Arkbird 5.8GHz Mini Auto Antenna Tracker (AAT)
Price:US$ 208.00
Product introduction:

ARKBIRD-5.8G Mini AAT (Auto Antenna Tracker) is an antenna tracking system designed for long range video transmission, which allows the high-gain panel antenna on the ground to be always pointing to your plane, greatly improving the transmission range.

ARKBIRD-Mini AAT is integrated with a 5.8G 40chanel video receiver and a 12DB double biquad antenna. It can save time of choosing the said equipment and its optimizing design increases the effective transmission range 3 to 6 times.



1. Frequency channel of 5.8G 40channel video receiver integrated, which can receive frequency between 5725 and 5875 MHz;

2. The double biquad antenna gain reaches 12DB, and its standing-wave ratio is lower than 1.1.
3. Plug and play;Easyest connection with 2 wires only!

4. Standard video transmission channel, which fit for most 5.8GHz video transmitter.


Q:How does 5.8GHz Arkbird Mini Auto Antenna Tracker Work?
A:Airborne module superimposes GPS information on both video and audio. The Ground module calculates out the pointing angle after Demodulation.
Wiring should be done according to the instructions (audio channel connection is not necessary). If the LED lights flash normally on the airborne and ground module (indicates that communication is normal) and valid GPS signal is identified, the ground module will automatically save the coordinates as launch point and shift into tracking mode.
Q:What I need if I have this Mini AAT?
A:Because Mini AAT has intergrated 12 DBI Double Biquad antenna and 40 Channel video recevier, what you need is a 5.8GHz video transmitter.
Q:Can I use another Antenna?
A: Yes, you can use whatever you want, but we suggest you to keep this 12 DBI antenna, which is wonderful peformance after tested by Arkbird.
Q:Can I use it with 1.3GHz video transmitter?
A:Sorry, you cann't, Only 5.8GHz compatible with this Mini tracker.

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