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Name: Sunny Yang
Mobile: 0086 134 3839 0507
E-mail: sunny@arkbirdfpv.com
Add: No. 22, Jinji South Road, Wuhou Distirct, Chengdu, Sichuan province, China.
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Manual and Updated Instruction

Arkbird Tiny Flight Stabilization System Manual
Arkbird Standard OSD Autopilot Manual(V3.1028)  
Arkbird Autopilot OSD 2.0 Lite Manual(V3.3028)  
Arkbird Autopilot OSD 2.0 Manual(V3.3028)
Arkbird 433MHz UHF LRS Manual

Arkbird Auto Antenna Tracker(AAT) Manual
Arkbird Ground Control Station System.rar
Arkbird Mini Auto Antenna Tracker(Mini AAT) Manual
Arkbird Wireless Head Tracker Manual
Arkbird VTOL Airplane Installation Manual.pdf
Arkbird Hummingbird User Manual
Arkbird VTOL&Hummingbird Customized Autopilot Instruction
Arkbird Mini Gimbal Camera Manual
Arkbird 433MHz 5W Version UHF LRS Manual
Arkbird Nano Autopilot Manual

Arkbird Tiny Update Instruction.rar 
Arkbird Standard OSD Autopilot  V3.1028 Update Instruction.rar  
Arkbird Auto Antenna Tracker(AAT) Update Instrction.rar
Arkbird Mini Gimbal Camera Update Instruction
Arkbird 2.0 and Lite Firmware Update Instructions V3.3028
Arkbird 433MHz UHF System Update Instructions


As for Arkbird updating, all instructions and relative softwares avaliable here or Search "Arkbird xx Update" on youtube, follow these steps and send ID to Arkbird@foxmail.com and we will try to reply you in 1 working day. If not replyed in time, contact us directly on our facebook also make sense.

Besides, the latest version of Arkbird OSD 1.0 Autopilot is V3.1028 and Arkbird OSD 2.0 Lite Autopilot is V3.3028, Arkbird OSD 2.0 Autopilot newest firmware is V3.3028. No new update for Tiny and AAT. Anyway, Any items from Arkbird are latest version when you get it in first hands.